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The Importance of Child Development Assessment Tools and How to Use them Within the Context of Low and Middle Income Countries

Researchers Saraswathy Sabanathan, Bridget Wills, and Melissa Gladstone investigated the effectiveness of the use of Child Development Assessment Tools (CDATs) in  Low-Income and Middle-Income countries (LMICs). Interventions focused on improving the health and developmental trajectories in childhood continues to increase globally. Proper monitoring and assessment of such interventions is pivotal to ensuring the success and outcomes of such projects. CDATs are the primary outcome measures used globally despite not being suitable for all populations. The context in which these measures are interpreted is therefore key, as the results from such testing and monitoring ultimately influence public health policy as well as other political decisions. The paper that was published March 30, 2015 describes the structure, the main methods that lead to the development of CDATs, and the applications of CDATs within the context of children under the age of 5 years living in LMICs.