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Family Perspectives in Low and Middle Income Countries: The Importance of an Integrated Approach

Most interventions in low and middle income countries focus on either child development or maternal health despite the fact that the two are so intrinsically linked. 

Steering committee member Professor Maureen Black along with her colleague Pamela Surkan in an article published in The Lancet Journal, discuss family perspectives in low and middle income countries and the importance of integrated approaches as well as the benefits of group interventions with this population. 

The article discusses a study conducted in Uganda that employed an integrated group intervention. It highlights the four key benefits that the group intervention was found to have: focus on parent's relationship, deli every by community volunteers, delivery was offered to entire community and the intervention was family focused.  The article also speaks to how replicable the intervention is and the ease to with which it can be implemented in other low-income and middle income countries. 

More work needs to be done to understand the role of the father however.