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Cambodia's New Initiative to Help Prevent Child Malnutrition

A report in the science journal Nutrients estimates that malnutrition in Cambodia is costing the country $266m each year, said Al Jazeera’s Sohail Rahman, reporting from Phnom Penh. An exurberant cost for a developing country, espcially one that is now the fastest growing economy in the region. 

One novel approach to the country’s malnutrition problem is a new and inexpensive wafer snack, which is made from fish, rice, beans and other micronutrients developed specifically for the Cambodian palate.

Produced and packaged, a supply of the snack is given each month to parents to feed their malnourished children.

The wafer snack is a small step in the right direction, says Al Jazeera’s Rahman, noting that aid agencies have been able to help 4,500 malnourished children in the past year.